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Excerpt from interview with Maxwell Mathis

Mathis: We felt it through time. When the An-Shi rebellion set up rival emperors, when the Mongols used rape and murder as their tools to carve an empire, when the Goths plundered a peninsula for two decades, and when red began killing white in Russia… we’re joined as a species with more than a collective memory, but a collective conscious. I take no elation in noting that humans only come together on solemn occasions, but it’s a start at understanding the current state of the world, if not the beginning of a method to control the outcome.

Inquisitor: You call death at an unprecedented level a solemn occasion and speak of controlling this tragedy. In part, it’s this attitude that has brought you before me, Mr Mathis.

Mathis: Please, let us not stand on formality. You plan to execute me. The taking of a man’s life is a very intimate affair, wouldn’t you agree? Call me Maxwell.

Inquisitor: You still haven’t answered my question.

Mathis: Yes I have, you fool. It might not be the answer your faith calls for, but it’s the start of the truth. A way to identify the source of this unrest.

Inquisitor: In the face of all this modern destruction, you still doubt our faith and powers?

Mathis: I don’t doubt your champions powers, but your faith, yes. I know what you’re thinking: we have angels on Earth fighting, it’s proof manifested! Our belief is proven, any blasphemers can be punished with impunity. You’re wrong. Any human version of faith that requires absolute obedience without question is doomed to fail. How many Zealots exist now? Hundreds? Thousands? Each an absolute believe, that they have been granted powers by their god or gods. Each absolutely sure that everyone else is a demon or a test of faith. You are but one of many still.

Inquisitor: Only those with extreme faith were blessed with his angelic gift. We know the Truth, but you still refuse it. Again, I’ll ask you to answer the question, where do you think these Zealots, as you call them, come from?

Mathis: Your supercilious choice of faith will undermine any answer I could give you.

Inquisitor: Your are a titan of industry, Mr. Mathis… Maxwell, who has lived a life in the news like an abortive child craving attention. Surely the chance to record your last words for posterity is reward enough for you to answer.

Mathis: You’re observation, phrased rudely, is acute. Yes, I enjoy a certain amount of notoriety in my life, but that has certain perks. Such as a very public reprisal for your execution of me.

Inquisitor: The great Mathis reduced to petty threats. I wonder how your precious papers would react to that news?

Mathis: [chuckles] I do not threat, but state facts. Something you fail to realize is that your Zealots with their angelic power aren’t the only ones with gifts… or power.

Inquisitor: And yet you’re the one confined and being questioned.

Mathis: I’ll answer your question, if only to appease you in the end.

Inquisitor: How amicable of you.

Mathis: Have you heard the German word “quantenmechanik”, coined by Born, Heisenberg, and Pauli? Of course not, your little sect hates knowledge in all forms that can explain the divine mysteries. They built on Plank and Hertz’s theories, quite revolutionary in the way we now view the universe’s construction. Lewis added to it and solved the black body radiation problem. And science churns, turning theories into facts and facts into theories. Basic electrical impulses can be called a quanta of electricity. Our minds are connected not from a mythical force, but a scientific field that allows instant state differentiation from any point in our dimensional space. What happens when a mass of those electrical pulses are disrupted in a short space of time? When that organic connection is severed and the whole world trembles? A great war, a great tragedy, and we’ve tapped into that as a species.

Pain, Inquisitor, and suffering has brought about your Angels, and there’s science behind it all.

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