Colonel Angus Macphearson


A veteran of the British Army, Colonel Angus Macphearson served in the British Army as a member of the 2nd Battalion, British 51st (Highland) Division, also known as the infamous Black Watch Royal Highlanders Regiment.

A rough and tumble lad, born in the clear, cool air of the Scottish highlands, Angus was raised as a good god-fearing member of the Church of Scotland. Somehow, despite indulging in what may be described as several of the more venial sins, (drinking, fighting, cursing, fisticuffs, dalliances with many members of the opposite sex) his faith never wavered from that of his fathers’.

After a promising career as a boxer was cut short by an unfortunate bout that left his opponent crippled, Angus found his way into the army of Her Majesty Queen Victoria around the end of the 19th century. A natural fit for the Black Watch, a part one of the army’s (in)famous Light Brigades, Angus soon found himself awash in adventure. South Africa, the Sudan, Egpyt, Mesopotamia, Afghanistan, India, Burma, China…wherever action could be found throughout the reigns of Victoria and Edward IV, and on into the current reign of George V.

He particularly distinguished himself in the Boxer Rebellion as a young man, through a number of acts of leadership and heroism that saw him promoted out of the rank and file and into the upper echelon of the Officer’s Corps. His continued to climb the ranks of the British Army through the First World War, where he led his Battalion to victory in the sand and sun of the Middle East.

Almost immediately after the Great War, tired of the atrocities and horrors of what he considered the “end of gentlemanly warfare, what with the terrible vapors and the trenches and such,” Colonel Macphearson tendered his resignation, severing his official service to the British Empire. His wanderlust and thirst for adventure soon sent him travelling again, and despite being in his 50’s, seems to be just as vigorous as in his youth. He has been married a handful of times, and lost a number of fine seagoing vessels, as well as dogs, to a surprising onslaught of marauders, assassins, spies, pirates, vagabonds, turks, militiamen, rogues, scoundrels, thieves, bandits, raiders, thugs, goons, and more over the years. So far, however, he has found a way to kick the collective butts of all of the above listed ne’er-do-wells, and anticipates having to quick quite a few more before he finally hangs up his pith helmet for good.

Colonel Angus Macphearson

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