Boris Krasnov



XP: 3/5
Total XP: 3
Rank: Novice

Agility – 4
Smarts – 8
Spirit – 10
Strength – 4
Vigor – 6

Pace = 5 (6 -1)
Parry = 4
Toughness = 6 (5 +1)
Charisma = 0

Notice (sm) – 8
Persuasion (sp) – 6
Fight (ag) – 4
Track (sm) – 6
Streetwise (sm) – 4
Intimidate (sp) – 8
Taunt (sm) – 4
Healing (sm) 6

Command – +1 to spirit roll for allies within 5 inches to recover from shaklen

Loyal to the Russian Orthodox church (minor) – mostly to do with being anti atheist/communist
Overconfident (major)

Matter Control (ice/water/snow) range:24 cost 4pp
Binding dmg: Spr cost 1pp
Energy Control – cold range: 12inch dmg 2d6 cost 2pp
selective cost 2pp
elemental trick cold cost 2pp
Switchable cost 2pp

Casual Clothes
Russian winter army gear

What I can do:
Energy Control – Cold
Fill medium burst with cold
small actions (i.e. making drink cold) don’t require roll, but to take action
Nullify – Smarts roll can contain/negate in medium burst – causes no harm to those inside & attacks of same type do half dmg
Damage – everyone within medium burst hurt 2d6
Selective – controller decides who is hit
elemental trick: cold – vigor roll or slowed – must redraw any face cards (not jokers)

Matter Control (Snow/Ice/Water) lvl 1
Can control up to 10k pounds per level
Must be visible and within 2 feet, any manipulation requires action
Material toughness is 10
Distraction – opposed roll my Spr vs their Agil, anyone attacking gains +2 until victim’s next action
if raise target is shaken
can target multiple at once at -1 per additional target
Binding – opposed my Spr vs their Agil, if success they can escape w/ Str or Agil on their next turn
Maintaining requires concentration on my part
gives -1 to all rolls for victim
on my next turn they are auto hit with my spr roll for damage


Boris Krasnov – a.k.a. the siberian tiger
russian anti-commie guy, white army/movement, tsar nicholas (or alexei) lives, etc.
winter palace guard – was close with alexei at stavka during wwI
cossack – fled to US to avoid decossackization
he considers rasputin a hero if not saint

Boris Krasnov

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