Charleston‘s former speakeasy. A nondescript Chinese restaurant called “Wok This Way” serves as the legitimate front. Entrance is through the men’s bathroom, indicated only by a sign with the name of the club, though the letter L has long since disappeared. The speakeasy itself is quite shabby and run-down, smelling slightly of sesame oil.

The speakeasy is not as successful as Charleston would like, and though he is loath to show it, he’s starting to worry about repaying his debts to the Mob.

In addition to the main hall and bar, there are some small rooms in the back, as well as a hidden dock for boats bringing in the hooch. Charleston named his boat “Moon Pie” in honor of his grandmother, the Grande Dame of Julesberg, CO. His jalopy, Tin Lizzie, is parked nearby.

Charleston gave ownership of the speakeasy to Roscoe, his cook, and moved along with the rest of the gang aboard the Queen Victoria, a former cargo ship originally flying Canadian colors and commandeered by a rag-tag group of baptist prohibitionists.


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